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" Get to LePoint " Coaching

How valuable is your idea if you cannot express it to an audience?

Olympia knows this vital fact: a thought is not valued unless it can be clearly expressed to any audience. As a TED speaker and the CEO of a book publishing company, Olympia witnessed that the fear of public speaking and writing can be equally the same. Olympia aims to help individuals move past these fears. As a result, she offers public coaching for today's business professionals and book coaching for new authors. After 8 sessions, you can give great presentations, or finally finish that book.

Speech & Media Coaching Includes:

  • Creating Succinct Outlines, Main Points & Patterns of Development
  • Techniques to Open and Close Presentations
  • How to Re-Channel Nervous Energy & Build Confidence
  • Exciting Speech Delivery & Voice Training
  • Generating Powerful Stories from Personal Experiences
  • Speakers' Visualization & Meditation Techniques
  • Mastering Body Language to Drive Home Points
  • Tricks for "Winning Over The Audience"
  • Selecting Power Clothing
  • Answering Difficult Audience Questions


6 - Hour Coaching Package: $750

3 - Hour Coaching Package: $375

1- Hour Coaching Available: $150

Local Workshop Attendance: $65

Book Coaching Includes:

  • Selecting the best book title and subtitle
  • Scheduling an executable writing plan
  • Identifying the best market audience
  • Generating the thesis statement and supporting patterns of development
  • Detailing a solid outline
  • Creating the book proposal packages for publishing companies
  • Guiding in marketable book covers
  • Purchasing ISBN Numbers, and ePublishing
  • Filing with the U.S. Copyright Office and Library of Congress
  • References to book designers, photographers and copy editors


12 - Hour Coaching Package: $1,500

9 - Hour Coaching Package: $1,125

1- Hour Coaching Available: $150

Local Workshop Attendance: $40

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