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Olympia LePoint in the News

Welcome to Olympia LePoint's Media Room. As a nationally acclaimed motivational speaker, award-winning rocket scientist and educator, Olympia has been featured in print and on countless radio and television programs across the country, including NBC News, Dr. Drew's Talk Show, Oprah.com, CBS News, The Halogen Network, The Daily News, and The San Fernando Valley Business Journal. We invite you to contact Olympia directly for a sound bite, interview or quote.

Contact Answers Unleashed Media at (310) 272-4293.


"Olympia LePoint  is a world class speaker. The audience was spellbound.  'She should be working for President Obama and taking her message to politicians and the public, not just educators.'  I highly recommend Olympia LePoint as a keynote speaker to any national, executive organization."

-- Paul Richey,
Focus Bankers

"The way Olympia rose above difficult educational situations inspired everyone to try harder, do better, and be what they can be. The audience was positively impacted in significant ways."

-- Anna Gaiter,
California Science Center

"Olympia LePoint's speaking style is magnetic. She can entertain and educate. She explains complex ideas in a simple way."

-- Sandra J. Washington,
CEO, Joseph Walker Training



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Look for Olympia & "Mathaphobia" in the September 2010 issue of Glamour Magazine

Olympia LePoint is honored as a Paul Harris Fellow. The 2010 Rotary International Foundation Distinguished Honor was given for her contribution to wipe out the crippling Polio disease for 2,000 international children

Look for Olympia LePoint's experiences and discoveries explained in Danica McKellar’s third Book

Top “40 Under 40” Business Leaders, 
The San Fernando Valley Business Journal.
Age Places No Barriers to Business Ownership

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Transforming Math Fears & Tears Into Determination, 900 Minds at A Time

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Four Boeing Employees Honored at Engineer of the Year Awards Conference

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California State University Northridge
Alumni Notes

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Daily News "Students Benefit by
After School Programs"

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Boeing: Today's Women Design and Build Boeing Airplanes

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Bootstrapping and its applications in
regression analysis by Olympia LePoint

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