OL Consulting Corporation

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Organizational Consulting

Diversity & Inclusion Training

Diversity and inclusion is needed in every organization.  Unfortunately, it does not always exist. Women may not be in many leadership positions. People of color may be overlooked in projects. Implicit bias and unconscious bias can hinder an entire organization.  When a person understands how to make diversity and inclusion a priority, the entire organization can create innovation. 

Statistical Data Science Consulting

With the rise of AI, Artificial Intelligence, data becomes available for helping organizational leaders make effective decisions for the future. Proper data collection can helps computer coders create AI programs which can capture diversity. Gathering the right data will promote innovation initiatives.  Consulting will help organizations use data strategically to enhance innovation pursuits.

STEM Education Planning

The United States ranks 28th out of 32 industrialized countries when it comes to STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Education. School officials may wonder what can be done to change this outcome.  In this STEM educational planning, school officials discover ways to excel student body populations into top tier performance.

Individual Coaching

TV & Media Coaching

You have one shot to make your mark. .Media consists of TV, Radio, Podcasts, Social Media. What you say will be seen and heard for decades. make it count.  Learn the ways to use media to help you market your company, book, brand and organization.  Discover the ways to use your voice, image and content to secure more opportunities for your mission.

Data Presentation Coaching

Any serious business leader know that data, facts and statistics bring credibility to your message.  Learn how to find the data that supports your case. Discover the statistical charts to convey the need to take action. Excel and PowerPoint data layouts will be mastered in your sessions.  Include run charts, pie charts, bar charts in your presentation.  Present statistical regression analysis, and Monte Carlo Simulations to predict the future.

Book Outlines & Author Coaching

Many people want to become an author, but they do not know the steps to birth a book into reality.  Learn how to construct a winning book outline and powerful book message. Discover how to generate a book proposal and present it to publishing companies, or investors.  Learn the role of ISBNs and the type of experts needed for your future masterpiece.  

Speech Writing

World leaders all have speech writers. U.S. Presidents have all relied on the power of a meaningful, and an inspiring speech. Executives have speech writers too.  Speech writers inspire diverse audience members to follow one powerful vision.  You have an important mission, and now it is time to invest in a speech that will deliver powerful direction for various audience listeners. 

Career Coaching for College Students

Students benefit from career coaching. Students learn to use their college experiences to demonstrate corporate ability. Students learn  to benefit from college programs and campus exposure for future career placement. In coaching sessions, students discover potential careers and position themselves for opportunities.