Olympia LePoint

Olympia LePoint

 Award-Winning Author | Former NASA Scientist | Keynote TED Speaker | Professor

Hailed the “New Einstein” by her fans, and named the “Modern Day Hidden Figure” by People Magazine and Newsweek, Olympia LePoint is a former NASA rocket scientist,  award-winning author and TED speaker of the talk “Reprogramming Your Brain to Overcome Fear.” Olympia LePoint helped launch 28 NASA Space Shuttle Missions into space.  She grew up in South Central Los Angeles, California in poverty mid inner city trauma and failing grades. Despite her horrific challenges, she reprogrammed her brain for success. She graduated as 1 of the Top 5 graduates from a 6,500 graduating class at California State University Northridge with degrees in Applied Mathematics. She later helped launch NASA missions to space as an award-winning propulsion scientist.

A science entertainer and TV news personality with over 28 million views today, Olympia LePoint is the author of the Answers Unleashed® educational science book series and founder of AnswersUnleashed.com, a STEM educational platform where science and faith meet to help you find the answers in front of you.   She appears as a guest expert on ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, MSNBC News, The Doctors, KTLA Morning News, Good Day LA Morning News, FOX News, Scripps News, Cheddar News, and FOX Weather. She is a professional keynote speaker for schools, corporations, non-profits and global technology forums.  

With advanced degrees in mathematics, LePoint is preparing the world for a future of technology needing spiritual discernment. LePoint teaches as an adjunct Artificial Intelligence Research & Political Science Professor at California State University Northridge in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. She provides insights on the growing concerns regarding U.S. civil rights and artificial intelligence algorithm usage which can make fake videos and images that impact human lives. She speaks on keeping kids, women, people of color, celebrities, national elections, national cybersecurity and all Americans safe with new emerging technology, which includes Quantum Computing.  Whether it be with science or new ways of thinking with your faith, Olympia LePoint helps you find the positive answers for your future.  Book Olympia LePoint today.


Olympia LePoint – Booking Details

 Award-Winning Author | Former NASA Scientist | TED Speaker | Artificial Intelligence & Quantum Technology Professor


Travels from:

Los Angeles, CA, USA


Speaking Fee:

Live Event: $20,000 – $50,000

Virtual Event: $20,000 – $50,000



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Blast Off: A Journey from South Central LA to Launching NASA Rockets

Olympia LePoint tells her personal inspiring story of how she overcame extreme poverty from being raised in South Central Los Angeles, and failing in school to earning her degrees in applied math and later becoming an award-winning NASA rocket scientist. The award-winning author and TED speaker motivates audiences by sharing her 7-Step Success Strategy for people wanting to overcome adversity, discover their talents, and launch their own life into the direction for success. This motivational speech is geared for all ages, and it inspires people to reach for their own star, and succeed in their own mission

Beat the Odds and Build New Innovation with Answers Unleashed®

Olympia LePoint reveals how you can use your most challenging experiences to unleash innovation. Through her own adversity, she shares how to beat the odds.  She shares her triumphant journey, from being raised in South Central Los Angeles poverty to becoming a NASA rocket scientist and award-winning author, so people find solutions in their lives. Through the contents of her second book Answers Unleashed®:The Science of Unleashing Your Brain’s Power, Olympia reveals how to use setbacks to guide your next steps, find answers to pressing concerns, and build innovation for a new successful outcome.


TED TALK: Reprogramming Your Brain to Overcome Fear

 Fear is a common emotion that everyone faces when success is just a few feet away. Your success is dependent on removing fear. Now, fear can be removed from your thinking with a 3-step method. Based on her experience supporting NASA’s Mission Control, award-winning rocket scientist and author Olympia LePoint devises a new thinking process for reprogramming the human brain to overcome fear. With her triumphant story, Olympia LePoint answers how humans can simultaneously turn off fear and rebuild the frontal brain lobes to accomplish great feats. The ground-breaking method is based from Olympia LePoint’s first book entitled, Mathaphobia, and her viral TED talk “Reprogramming Your Brain to Overcome Fear.”


Leadership: Make 6 Decisions for the Future That You Want with Quantum Deciding®

Some people say that your past determines your future, but one rocket scientist says that you can choose the future that you want with targeted decision-making.  With a new decision-making method called Quantum Deciding®, Olympia LePoint explains the six decisions to obtain the future that you want. She shares the method from her third book Answers Unleashed II: The Science of Attracting What You Want. Olympia LePoint and her book have been featured on NBC News, CBS News, ABC News, MSNBC News, FOX News, Yahoo News, The Doctors, Newsweek and USA Today. LePoint helps audience members remove the six causes of indecisiveness, identify your immediate next steps toward your best future, and shows you how to multiply your resources for success.


Women’s Leadership for the 21st Century

Many times, leaders need to build innovative products and provide extraordinary direction, yet women can face an unsupportive staff due to bias. Employee and organizational constraints also halt progress. In this keynote, Olympia LePoint shares her personal stories as a woman leader in an engineering environment. She reveals her proven Quantum Deciding approach which creates innovative solutions and builds a supportive staff. Olympia LePoint empowers leaders to gain organizational support, to use pre-existing resources to catapult innovation, and to build employee satisfaction. The best leaders are also women.



Training Program


Public Speaking Tips for The News and Live Presentations ( 3 hour workshop) 

 Would you like to speak on the news?  Do you become tongue-tied when answering questions?  You are not alone, many experts experience public speaking fears, and this fear can intensify when asked to speak on the news or in large meetings. Olympia LePoint is a former NASA scientist and award-winning author who has been seen on over 40 different major news segments on NBC News, CBS News, Yahoo News, FOX News, CW News, and ABC News. And she has appeared on major talk shows like “The Doctors”, “Dr. Drew”, PBS “Between The Lines”, and Amazon Prime TV shows.  In this workshop, Olympia LePoint explains how approach news agencies with your brand and expertise for booking opportunities. She shows you how to communicate information live on air and answer questions.  Olympia LePoint helps experts craft their elevator pitch, construct talking points for news producers and general audiences, and answer impromptu questions from both interviewers and audience members. Join the workshop today.


Emerging Technology Programs


USING Artificial Intelligence: Making It An Effective Tool and Not A Company Threat

Artificial intelligence solutions have the immense potential to improve your business, but risks can derail progress. Artificial intelligence solutions are rapidly evolving, and there are the US White House SAFE Artificial Intelligence Executive Order requirement and EU Artificial Intelligence Act for increased insight, productivity and collaboration with its development. The risks and benefits add into your success equation. As organizations develop a strategy with significant features and benefits in mind, responsible artificial intelligence implementation is needed to prevent lawsuits, job loss, and company harm.    In this talk, former NASA Scientist, award-winning author, and Research Professor Olympia LePoint reveals the benefits for artificial intelligence, the potential risks for its use within your company,  and the future ways to implement AI for humanitarian success.


In this talk, Olympia LePoint performs a dive deep into why there is a Quantum Computing technology race, and why the technology development is being sought around the entire world. LePoint explains that Quantum Computing will change life as we know it: it create hologram communication technologies from person to person, and hologram communication from moon to planet no matter the distance; and it will innovate the future of all cybersecurity technology.  This talk she uncovers the 6 key points to understanding the technology:  1. The Basics of Quantum Computing; 2. The Serious Global Impact; 3. Current Developments; 4. Life Saving Applications; 5. The 3 Basic Quantum Operations; and 6. Software & Cybersecurity. 

Making New Artificial Intelligence Technology Ethical & Accurate

 With today’s emerging artificial intelligence technology, humans are at another pivotal turning point within innovation.   Like when the printing press, the light bulb, and the internet were all created, new artificial intelligence technology is an exciting and concerning topic among world leaders and corporate executives alike. No matter your country’s origin, artificial intelligence brings amazing benefits and  concerning risks. As an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ethics Professor, Olympia LePoint believes that Artificial Intelligence is simply a tool, and ethical standards are required to ensure people stay safe. In this talk, LePoint explains how various artificial intelligence technologies develop new innovation, the current ethical concerns regarding its outputs, and the upcoming policies needed to keep people’s identity safe.

 Understanding Artificial Intelligence for the Everyday Person ( 3 hour workshop)

 In this talk, Olympia LePoint explains artificial intelligence and makes it simple to understand. She explains the different types of artificial intelligence on the market, and which ones are safe. She explains how facial and biometric recognition together form new civil rights concerns for emerging technologies. Olympia LePoint reveals how to keep kids safe with the new technology.  She also reveals how to keep your company safe with artificial intelligence and new quantum technology hacking risks. She reveals how to use this emerging technology ethically for the future of work. And she helps you learn the ways to embrace and reject certain technologies for school education.


Basic Statistics and Artificial Intelligence Accuracy for Women and People of Color Biometrics ( Company Online Class)

A university style class, brought to your organization. Basic statistics and data characteristic are based to help anyone understand basic statistics. The class addresses the new Executive Order for Safe Artificial Intelligence data and usage to prevent bias and discrimination. The class concepts are based on Basic Statistics, and Artificial Intelligence math models, and pre-existing U.S. Civil Rights laws. Fundamental aspects of math and statistics computations are discussed to verify outputs from artificial intelligence technology is accurate.

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