Women Leadership Talks

Women Leaders Are the Leaders of Today

Through years of personal triumph and leadership, Olympia LePoint has mastered the ways to use a woman’s voice to create positive change. Olympia LePoint helps women recognize ways to break barriers.

With a passionate and positive style to her talks, Olympia reveals ways for women’s experiences to add together in creating diversity and inclusion or women in the corporate world and technology worlds. Olympia shows how to reprogram your women’s brains’ for success, and use your pre-existing communication style to present a solutions where everyone wins. 

Olympia LePoint speaks LIVE to over 3,000 Women for Women’s Day Celebrations. Starting at the 5-minute video mark after the introduction, Olympia LePoint gives the talk: “Women in Leadership & Technology” to the packed corporate theater. In an entertaining way, Olympia LePoint shares how human thinking works, and how she renewed her thinking about being a woman in leadership.  She explains how renewed thinking helped her make important decisions to help save human lives, all while launching individuals like herself into international success.