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Virtual Talks – Quantum Deciding 


In this TED-like virtual talk given at California State University Northridge Alumni career lecture series, Olympia LePoint’s details contents from her latest book Answers Unleashed II: The Science of Attracting What You Want. In this talk, Olympia LePoint explains her new Quantum Deciding decision-making science. She also explains Albert Einstein’s Quantum Entanglement together with her NASA experience to show the power behind human decisions.

With her brilliant personal stories, Olympia LePoint details ‘Quantum Deciding’ to show that anyone has multiple futures that exist for themselves, and they can pick the time and space in which they will exist.

In this talk, you will understand how your experiences have led you to attracting certain situations in your life. You will also learn about the 6 decisions to change your future into the future that you want. In her latest book, Olympia LePoint shares the mental exercises that will help you make decisions faster, easier and with more confidence. Watch the video now. Invite Olympia LePoint to speak today.